By the Barrowload

One advantage of summer’s late flowering* is that I’ve managed to get my onions lifted on the requisite sunny breezy drying day.

onions drying

The red onions haven’t done too well, but better than the landlord’s, which all bolted early on in the season. The only thing more satisfying than bringing the harvest in by the barrowload is knowing that someone else’s harvest would barely fill a basket. Not, you know, that we’re keeping score or anything.

barrowload of onions

Somehow over the summer, despite having three sheds, the tide of junk, sorry, stuff that may well come in useful one day, has spread to the point where it was quite difficult to squeeze in the onion drying rack, but I managed. Getting the bikes in and out is quite interesting, and everything now smells powerfully of onion…

onions drying in shed

… I think these count as ‘nice problems to have’ though.

*now replaced by mizzling rain. Time to order more goats.


2 Responses to By the Barrowload

  1. John Gibson says:

    Onion, one of my favorite smells.

  2. disgruntled says:

    you’d like our shed then

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