Eating Seasonally

seasonal vegetablesAnd for tonight, Madam, we have a seasonal medley of vegetables consisting of potatoes found in the old potato bed left behind after you thoroughly dug it over and removed every last potato, the last of the side sprouts of broccoli salvaged from the club root disaster mingled with the first of the purple-sprouting broccoli which bolted and started now instead of April like it’s supposed to, with or without a bonus amuse bouche of crunchy caterpillar surprise depending on how thorough the chef was at picking it over and – the pièce de résistance – a miserable handful of what may well turn out to be your entire crop of french beans for the year.

Bon appetit!


One Response to Eating Seasonally

  1. […] But all is not doom and gloom – lurking among the (still-flowering) broad beans, I found this surprise. Anyone got a recipe for just one pod of broad beans? The rest, I’m afraid, got sent to the compost heap. They might still be hopeful of producing beans, but there are no pollinators around to help them out. I also noticed a tiny, perfect, cauliflower lurking amid the leaves, and the purple sprouting broccoli seems to have given up all thought of sticking to its spring schedule and continues to sprout away like mad. Might be time for another of my (un)seasonal veg medleys […]

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