Bonus Issue

Wheeling back in from the shop this morning I was cheered to note that there were still swallows circling around the yard. Indeed, not only were there still swallows, there were tons of them, seemingly a sky full. As they lined themselves up on the telegraph wire and the shed roof, even the gutter, we were able to count them: more than 40 of them, and some pbviously only quite recently fledged. Normally our swallows get in two broods a year but this year they’ve managed to squeeze in a third and the latest recruits have clearly just emerged to join the throng. This surely must be the most swallows we’ve ever mustered in our little patch and it’s a delight to have them, even if one was spotted hovering deliberately over the roof of the car, all the better to poo on it.

I’m particularly pleased because they were so late arriving this year, and so few of them when they did arrive and for a while there it looked as if we might be back to square one with our swallow population after four years of increasing numbers. Miserable as the summer was, it seems at least to have suited the swallows. And I’m hoping they won’t be heading off quite just yet – as I looked out the window just now I caught sight the most enormous dense cloud of midgies right outside the door. There’s plenty of food for the young uns to feast on – and I’m not having them leave until they’ve eaten every last bit up. There are swallows starving in Africa, you know…


2 Responses to Bonus Issue

  1. There were tales of it being a poor year for swifts a couple of months ago, but every time I looked out there seemed to loads of them. Certainly did see any on the ground.

  2. disgruntled says:

    One thing I miss living in the country is the swifts. We don’t have enough tall buildings for them so we very rarely see them.

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