Hmmm. The slight problem with my exhilarating ride last night? I failed to notice my shiny new phone falling out of my pocket. Or rather I did notice it – I heard the unmistakable (and to me quite familiar) sound of a piece of technology encased in plastic hitting the tarmac – but for some reason I thought ‘oh, my lights must have come off the bike’ and then when I had checked and found both lights still there, I just shrugged, reasoning I’d hit a plastic bottle or something and pedalled on. It was only this morning that I realised I’d no idea where my phone was that I put two and two together.

Regular readers of this blog will know phones and I have a difficult relationship. I bought my first ever mobile phone in 2003 and I kept it for 5 years by which time its casing was a bit cracked from being repeatedly dropped but it was otherwise still working. A friend then gave me an old one of hers, which I dropped in a puddle and had returned, although it was never quite the same since. Another phone got dropped in a car park, picked up by a gang of scrotes and used to make prank calls to people in my address book which was annoying, and then threatening calls to someone else which ended up with me in the police station explaining why I’d never bothered reporting it at the time. The only bright side of that little episode was that there wasn’t much credit on the phone (I always get pay as you go for obvious reasons) and they were having so much fun with it they actually topped it up so when I got the number cut off I ended up about five pounds better off. Shortly after that my sister lent me a supposedly indestructable Nokia in a little rubber suit which I managed to destroy in short order, and then I got a new phone which got either nicked or dropped in London in January.

For those of you wondering why after all that I’d buy a smart phone, however basic, my reasoning was that if it was something I was using regularly I’d be better about not losing it. And for five months that actually seemed to work. Once I’d got over the whole new interface thing, I was quite pleased with my phone and I was regularly using it to check emails, tweet on the go, take pictures and generally become one of those annoying people who spends all the time poking their phones. Which meant I tended to keep track of it and better still look after it. It was only when I came on holiday and – needing to unwind – decided to spend a bit less time tweeting and emailing and generally staring at a screen that I started forgetting where my phone was. Ah, the relief of not always having to keep in touch with the world 24 hours a day! Who cared if a few tweets escaped me? What did it matter if that email went unanswered for an hour or two? I could simply admire the view without photographing it and then sharing it on instagram. My phone? Oh, well it’s around somewhere.

Where it was, was in my pocket which was not zipped… and then not in my pocket but lying in a puddle overnight. This morning I did the familiar pedal back retracing my steps the night before to where I’d heard it fall, where I found it lying in three bits in the road. The phone bit seems reasonably okay. The back is a bit battered but can be forced back onto the phone with a bit of work. The battery, though, flew out and seems to have been run over several times from the look of it. I’ve no idea if it will work again. I’ve seen plenty of iPhones with cracked screens that seem to work fine but I’m not sure Samsung build their phones to the same spec. It might be back to the broken Nokia for me…

Meanwhile, handy hints for becomming less of a scatterbrain when it comes to my nice things gratefully welcomed. And suggestions for new phones, preferably with some sort of a homing feature built in…

15 Responses to Ooops!

  1. Dom says:

    iPhones have a build in homing feature (find my iPhone)… but given your track record could be a tad expensive to replace constantly :S

  2. disgruntled says:

    I was thinking more something like the Luggage from discworld…

  3. Bob says:

    I’ve had a couple cameras go by the wayside, and now I have the little darling on a tether. It’s the retractable kind such as the concierge would use to keep track of a set of keys.
    Looks a bit goofy when I hoist the thing out of my pocket with the tether attached, but dammit, I’ll wear the thing out before I lose another one!
    Only thing is, I do wish it would wear out soon, as I don’t like it as much as the previous one that I lost.

  4. disgruntled says:

    hmmm. Cameras come with a lanyard point but this phone doesn’t. Might be the answer though.

  5. John Gibson says:

    This is the reason I don’t have a phone , but I’ve just started wearing glasses after 50 odd years of not needing them, and I am really worried that I will misplace them.

  6. disgruntled says:

    The only thing I never lose are my glasses, but that’s because I wear them all the time and can’t function with out them.

  7. Charles says:

    I hate my phone and only carry a work one under duress. Best way to keep the little villain safe is to nominate a pocket handbag or some other place as phone home. The phone lives there and no where else.

  8. Two phones – tied together with string up through your sleeves.
    I’ve done the same with my Galaxy Note – dropped out of my top pocket whilst cycling – luckily it was in daylight and I was able to pick it up before it was run over.

  9. disgruntled says:

    Charles’ idea is probably the more sensible … but Paul’s might be the answer

  10. […] of plastic off the side of many a handset, I’ve been lucky enough to avoid smashing them (like this – *wince*). It’s probably only a matter of time, and I suspect my defense mechanism to date […]

  11. emma c says:

    I have exactly the same problem (without the police problems 😉 and am delighted by all the ideas! I think a lanyard or bungee of some sort through the sleeves is a good start. Dropping it to split the darn thing into 3 bits is the reason I don’t want a smart one with a glass screen. Or maybe there is some kind of bouncy cover available.. must really investigate as I am beginning to look un-digitally native..

  12. disgruntled says:

    Phone has been resurrected (sort of, back won’t stay on). I’ll be investigating bouncy covers tomorrow!

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  14. […] – as well as introducing my Mum to the delights of N+1. In September I nearly broke another mobile phone  (it’s still hanging in there though) and did my first, and possibly last ever school run […]

  15. […] a while since I last had to slowly retrace my steps on a bike, looking for an errant phone – six months in fact, which must be some sort of a record – but a brief bike ride with my mother this […]

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