I Keep Waiting…

… for the mythical time (generally ‘next week’ – it’s been next week for a while now) when I will be less busy and able to devote more time to the garden and cycling adventures and the like. Meanwhile actual time marches on, with the first frosts finally felling my squash plants

Never fear, though, the squash themselves have survived

It just shows what a little coddling can do. If only I had time to lavish the same level of attention on the rest of my crops we’d be laughing.



3 Responses to I Keep Waiting…

  1. commuterjohn says:

    It seems to be getting near impossible to get out the garden at the moment, The days are getting shorter, yet another wet Sunday is waiting in the wings and the spring plants and bulbs are still sitting on the shelf.

  2. disgruntled says:

    yup, got a bit drenched this afternoon when I foolishly believed the weather forecast…

  3. […] (and there are some who may question that…) it’s that a few really healthy plants (eg. Squash) are far more productive than a lot of weedy ones, like my leeks. Of course a whole load of really […]

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