Bonus Issue

Sometimes at this time of year, you find you get a little extra from the garden. Like these gem squash found lurking in among the frost-felled foliage (the vines may have wandered a little into a nearby flowerbed…)

bonus broad beans

bonus mushroomsAnd some bonus sunshine (it’s been warmer outside than indoors these last few days, at least during the day) to bring on the last of the broad beans from the shoots which spring up from the base of the plants after the main stems have done their work. It’s always worth leaving these to see what develops, although next time I might be a bit more assiduous about weeding out the nettles which, I found out the hard way, were guarding them. Ouch

It might be time to get some new stakes for supporting the broad beans though, if these mushrooms shooting from the base are anything to go by. I don’t think these will be making it into our supper…

But you don’t get anything for nothing in austerity Britain – clear blue October skies mean only one thing: frost. We woke today and yesterday to white grass, complete with bonus deer footprints

Whether you consider deer to be a ‘bonus’ in the garden depends largely on what they’ve been eating, I suppose …


2 Responses to Bonus Issue

  1. Bob says:

    Oh, I simply love your big round things. (Um, the squash)
    Not so keen on the frost however. Unless you were to look on it as some sort of forensic gardening tool I suppose.

  2. disgruntled says:

    It’s good at killing off the slugs. Though I prefer it to wait till a bit later in the year!

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