Smart and Smarterer

Well, much excitement today in the town mouse household as the Energy Saving Trust (not realising what happens to smart gadgets around me) have kindly come along and installed not one but two smart meters in our house – one for the electricity and one for the oil. It’s all part of a project to see if we can reduce our power usage with the use of meters as well as customised advice. As I’ve reported before, simply tracking what we used had a dramatic effect on our electricity bills, and while I’m not expecting the same big drop in usage, I am hopeful that we can continue to make incremental changes, or at least find out for once and for all how much of the oil drinking round here is the Rayburn’s fault and how much the boiler’s.

I’m especially looking forward to cutting our electricity use further as it’s become something of a grudge match between me and the power company. After we cut our usage dramatically they did cut our bills – and even sent me a cheque – but they seem convinced that our power consumption will go up the minute their backs are turned. Last time I got a new bill from them they hadn’t managed to read our meter twice (I think the meter reader commando crawls through the flowerbeds to get the ‘sorry you were out’ card through our door without being spotted) so they unilaterally decided we’d started using more power and put our bill up again until I rang them with a new reading and they put it down again. I’m not entirely sure what logic dictates that our usage would suddenly randomly shoot up having been steady for two years, but that’s probably why I’m not a highly paid utility company director.

Anyway, what I will be soon is someone in possession of lots of shiny new data. Which means that after more than a year of being completely clean, I think I can feel a spreadsheet coming on. Stand by, there may even be graphs…

4 Responses to Smart and Smarterer

  1. commuterjohn says:

    When you have frost on the inside of your bathroom window, then I don’t think anyone could say you are wasteful with your energy usage.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Fortunately we didn’t suffer too much of that last year due to the milder winter…

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