Roadside Treasure

One of the benefits of riding a bike is that you can spot things along the roadside as you go. Of course, sometimes this is a downside as it means you notice all the litter and the roadkill (it’s peak pheasant-running-over season at the moment, with the countryside freshly restocked with what are basically fancy chickens but without the road sense) but this is more than offset by the good stuff. Sometimes it’s a handful of ripe blackberries or an interesting mushroom, sometimes it’s merely a fleeting moment as the sun catches a hazel bush in the late afternoon

Sometimes, though, it’s something a little more permanent. I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy string again, for instance, as there’s almost always a handy length of baler twine about should you need some. And bungee cords, for some reason; I have what may amount to a lifetime’s supply of those hanging off the bike shed door from being picked up on my travels, because you never quite know when a bungee’s going to come in handy. And sometimes it’s something a odder like planting trays or children’s building blocks…

I have no idea what the story is here. I actually cycled past them a couple of times and left them where they were because I assumed someone would want them back, and I have absolutely no need of them myself, but after a day or two they were beginning to look quite sad and did appear to come in rather a nifty sort of duffel bag. So after both the other half and the neighbour had independently pointed out that if nothing else we could burn them, I set out yesterday on a rescue mission. Well, it was a nice day and I needed a ride.

And it was a chance to use both one of my handy pieces of string AND a bungee, so it’s win win.

So, er anyone got a use for some children’s building blocks, slightly foxed, other than on the fire? And any suggestions for repurposing the bag?

11 Responses to Roadside Treasure

  1. Paul says:

    Strictly speaking I think it is running-under season, since it does not matter where you drive they’ll find you.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Or pheasant avoiding season: -5 points for each one you miss…

  3. Jo says:

    Alas, the roadkill around here has, of late, included several barn owls. 😦

  4. Bob says:

    I only see firewood. And, I can almost *taste* the quietness of the road. *sigh*.

  5. disgruntled says:

    @Jo – that’s not good …
    @Bob – and that’s not even the quietest road I cycle on either…

  6. bikinginla says:

    What? Blocks? Sorry, I got lost in that terribly evocative photo on top, wishing I could just get on my bike and see where that road ends…

  7. emma c says:

    Excellent. Very thrifty of you. You can never have too many building blocks. Can you donate them to a crech in your vicinity?

  8. keep’em. best possible toy to have in a corner for random visiting kids.

  9. disgruntled says:

    @Bikinginla – it ends at my house, of course
    Emma/Sara – I think I’d better wash them first

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