This Week I Have Mostly…

… been shovelling shit. Well, manure, to be exact. This is the sort of thing I used to say back when I had a proper job and the bullshit was metaphorical; the real stuff is harder work (as my arms and shoulders are busy telling me) but ultimately much more useful, as I think I’ve mentioned before. Anyway, we’re finishing up the old pile ready to get a fresh load of ordure and the old stuff, where it hasn’t been converted entirely into nettles is just lovely: chocolatey-dark and rich yet crumbly like a decent brownie. Unfortunately, since yesterday’s rain, it’s now surrounded by a moat of simlarly dark boot-sucking liquid. The only way to operate safely is to stand on top of the pile, slicing downwards through the solid stuff with a shovel and then scooping it out and flinging it into the wheelbarrow.

It was about half-way through this process that I realised what it was it reminded me of. As a child, my absolute favourite pudding of all time was chocolate fudge pudding which was basically a cake, baked in a bath of chocolate sauce. The result was a moist, rich, chocolatey yet crumbly cake in a moat of … well, you get the picture. I think I might have to get that image out of my head before I tuck in with quite such relish again.


6 Responses to This Week I Have Mostly…

  1. Bob says:

    Your obvious literary prowess is being amply demonstrated today. Although, it perhaps could be argued that you’re just a wee bit too caught up in the delights of shovelling it. Could go either way.
    For my part, any memories of shovelling this sort of cr*p is in no way associated with the delights of chocolate pudding. It was the real thing, and I was way too young and too small to be loading a manure spreader with nothing but a pitch fork. (the type with five tines, as opposed to the three tined hay variety.)
    It was only in later years that I was introduced to this thing called a “front end loader”, a clever grunt saving device that was attached to the front end of a tractor. Hazzah! What an invention!
    Have fun with that barrow. Remember to unload from the high side.

  2. Andy in Germany says:

    Oh… manure, I forgot that I need to get on and order some of that myself.

  3. emma c says:

    Oh lovely. It just makes me want to make brownies this weekend! …and I’ve also got lovely brown stuff to distribute 🙂

  4. disgruntled says:

    Bob – there’s a downside to having a vivid imagination, I find
    Andy – glad to be of service
    Emma – you’re made of sterner stuff than I am, evidently

  5. Jo says:

    Did someone say cake?

  6. disgruntled says:

    You’re obsessed, woman!

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