Nibbled Away

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about growing veg in the last three years, it’s that the one thing you think you’ve got cracked, that will be the thing that fails. Last year our perpetual spinach seemed the star performer: easy to grow, hardy and relatively tough, it lived up to its name and produced a steady supply of almost-spinach all winter and well into the spring in return for nothing but a regular application of old coffee grounds. Easy peasy. And this year it’s been shaping up to repeat the performance: germinated direct in the soil, shrugged off a few slug attacks, happily providing bunches of the green stuff from about July onwards, as long as you don’t crop it too heavily.

At least until the mice found it. I went up yesterday to feed it more coffee and found it looking a bit strange. It turned out that underneath the cover of the leaves the mice had been nibbling away at the beets (it’s actually a leaf beet) at the base of the stem until they’d completely beheaded the whole plant, just as they had done to my beetroot last year, although curiously they’ve left the beetroot alone. Might be time to take the cat up there and have her earn her keep…


4 Responses to Nibbled Away

  1. John Gibson says:

    Thats just like a cat, they won’t catch mice when you want them too, but when our cats bring in live ones we are running round trying to rescue them and then letting them go again.

  2. disgruntled says:

    we get little gifts left on our doorstep … I doubt they’re from the walled garden though

  3. […] in their tunnels this last summer, so soggy has the grass become), but compared to rabbits (and mice) they hardly really count as a pest. If you ever see one in person they are so strange and so […]

  4. […] perpetual spinach that the mice left me seem to be hanging in there […]

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