Making Mountains


I’ve never quite understood what it is about moles that gets gardeners so worked up. Sure, they can turn a lawn into an ankle-twisting assault course (I’m not entirely certain how they haven’t drowned in their tunnels this last summer, so soggy has the grass become), but compared to rabbits (and mice) they hardly really count as a pest. If you ever see one in person they are so strange and so endearing, it’s hard to know how anyone can bear to send for the mole catcher or attempt to polish them off.

molehills in leek bed

Well, that’s one way to earth up your leeks I suppose

Of course, that was before they stopped excavating the lawn and turned their attention to my vegetable patch, and specifically my leeks, instead… although in truth, my leeks are not up to much this year, half of them having bolted and the other half barely bigger than my spring onions (which are still going strong). So on the whole, although I’d prefer it if they didn’t re-engineer my raised beds with their molehills, I’m not quite at the stage of making a mountain out of it. Ask me again when they start using my parsnips for pit props… or I put my welly through one of their tunnels.

broad bean

Last of the summer broad beans


But all is not doom and gloom – lurking among the (still-flowering) broad beans, I found this surprise. Anyone got a recipe for just one pod of broad beans? The rest, I’m afraid, got sent to the compost heap. They might still be hopeful of producing beans, but there are no pollinators around to help them out. I also noticed a tiny, perfect, cauliflower lurking amid the leaves, and the purple sprouting broccoli seems to have given up all thought of sticking to its spring schedule and continues to sprout away like mad. Might be time for another of my (un)seasonal veg medleys

Anyone else’s garden still throwing up the odd surprise?

4 Responses to Making Mountains

  1. John Gibson says:

    Anyone else’s garden still throwing up the odd surprise?

    One of our outside tomatoes became ripe last week.
    I know what you mean about moles, I do like them.

  2. Frits B says:

    Contrary to mice and rabbits, moles do not eat your vegetables but the nasties – the ones that grow into insects – that do. So why complain about heir help in keeping real pests at bay?

  3. disgruntled says:

    I thought they ate earthworms? Which are the good guys. And they do unearth the veg, which I could do without. But yes, they’re still way above rabbits

  4. Flighty says:

    I always think of the Jasper Carrot sketch when moles are mentioned!

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