Clunk Click Every Trip

here’s no getting away from it: my bike needs some serious love and attention. Not just the occasional clean and a drop of oil when my chain starts to sound like a basket full of kittens, not even the annual trip down to the bike shop for new brake pads and a new chain. After almost three and a half years, and something over 7000 miles (there’s never a spreadsheet around when you need one), it’s started to accumulate rattles and squeaks and, most recently, an annoying click in the right pedal with every revolution. Dr Google diagnosed it as a problem with the bottom bracket, whereas twitter was divided between it being a loose wheel, my shoelaces, or my aged knees. Having – click – ridden it – click – down to the – click – papershop – click – in wellies* – click – I can eliminate – click – the shoelaces – click – but I can confirm that it’s bloody annoying. I did try having a closer look yesterday but it’s the sort of thing that never happens when the bike isn’t going anywhere. The exercise did remind me, on the other hand, that neither of my wheels is particularly true, there’s something rubbing somewhere on the back wheel, and most of the bolts and exposed parts are rustier than they ought to be

So I think I’ll be taking it (click) down to the local bike shop next time I get a chance, to see if it’s something expensive. My own feeling is that it’s just a worn pedal bearing (she said, almost as if she knew what that meant) but that a bit of renewal of some of the moving parts probably won’t go amiss. And if the clicking continues after all that, then the same might well be said for me.

Then again, I might just keep on riding it until the problem goes away or I stop noticing it. Although to be honest, Twitter wasn’t very encouraging on that score either…

*because of any remaining flooding, not to eliminate the shoelace possibility.

11 Responses to Clunk Click Every Trip

  1. If it is anything like my recent experience, you’ll be forking out rather large sums of money for a new bike by the time you leave the shop

  2. disgruntled says:

    noooo … wrong answer…

  3. I do believe there is a fairly decent bike shop in Big Town, time to pay them a visit, before you have to take a long walk… 😉

  4. Bob says:

    I think having to pony up a few bucks, er Euros, er Quid for some bike maintenance after that many miles (seriously?) is certainly not a hardship. Suck it up, and look after the poor steed.

  5. disgruntled says:

    Kim, indeed, I am a regular customer there
    Bob- I don’t begrudge it the money. I don’t want to have to replace it though! (it does go in for an annual service as well, I’m not *that* bad an owner)

  6. John Gibson says:

    Sound like a basket full of kittens.
    Thats a good line, but I am having difficulty imagining the sounds the kittens would make in a basket.

    • WOL says:

      Having had some experience with kittens, I would surmise that those would be the same sounds the kittens make out of the basket, only not as disbursed and minus the sounds of things being knocked over and/or breaking.

  7. WOL says:

    I would have those mysterious bike noises looked into before you are stranded in medius route. With all the rain you’ve been having, it may be caused by hardening of the mildew

  8. Charles says:

    In my youth I rebuilt a nice racing bike. It sounds like at worst a new bearing, and ball bearings. The bearing unscrews you fit a new one, grease it, insert ball bearings and put it together again. Not a huge job, if you have tools, patience and know how. However not a big job for the bike shop.

    The other cheaper alternative is that one of your cranks is loose, is there and play in the pedals as you cycle? That was more of a problem when cranks had cotter pins, and you are probably too modern to have cotter pins….Mind you we did have pneumatic tyres and road rage, it was only about 1982.

  9. disgruntled says:

    @John/WOL – I was thinking more of a measurement ie. as many kittens fit in a standard Imperial Kitten Basket. Not sure of the metric equivalent
    @Charles – hope it’s just a bearing. I have neither tools, patience or know how so bike shop it is. (the bike frame probably dates from the 80s but the parts are modern)

  10. I’m familiar with clicks, but how to stop them, I’m not! They are so very annoying, and always start when you’re in the middle of nowhere, or in traffic when you keep getting lulled into thinking it’s stopped, only because you can’t hear it because of the noise of the surrounding traffic……….DOAH!!!

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