Tiniest of Plug-ettes

Edinburgh Review cover issue 136Regular readers of this blog may be surprised to learn that as well as my regular cycling, gardening, ford-monitoring and general trouble-making activities, I am technically supposed to be a writer. Friends, family AND regular readers of the blog may be even more surprised to learn that I have actually finally written something AND found someone to publish it. No, not the long awaited Difficult Second Novel – honestly, who do you think I am, Thomas Pynchon? – but a short story which will be appearing in the forthcoming issue of the Edinburgh Review. Not only that, but I have decided to dig myself out of my rural isolation, pick the straw out of my hair and scrub the chain grease off my knuckles – I might even change out of my gardening trousers, if I remember – and go to the launch. Well, what can I say, there was a promise of free wine. Anyhoo, if you’re interested, I shall be here, and if you’re even more interested, you can buy a copy of it. I’m sure it’s packed with brilliance.

Oh, and if you’re reading this and going ‘I didn’t know she was a writer! Where can I buy her fabulous and acclaimed and likened-to-Barbara-Vine-no-less first novel?’ then can I direct your attention to the links on my sidebar.

Here endeth the plugging. As you were. Carry on. Nothing to see here, folks, move along…

9 Responses to Tiniest of Plug-ettes

  1. Christer Hellström says:

    Found your first, and it’s on Kindle. Woot!

  2. Bob says:

    Nice. Yet another reason to own a kindle. Must have speaks with Santa.

  3. disgruntled says:

    It does come in dead-tree form as well, just in case Santa doesn’t come through with the goods

  4. John Gibson says:

    Well done, I look forward to reading it. I saw something amazing today, a man came into the college lodge where I work, and asked if he could get his bike from the luggage room. Now we only let people keep their bikes in there if they are foldable. Is that a proper word?
    Anyway I was expecting him to bring out a Brompton, and he did,but it had an electric motor fitted into the hub on the front wheel, and he told me he had done the work himself, and the bike could go 30 mph. The downside is that all this cost £2000.

  5. disgruntled says:

    stupendous. And slightly terrifying because a Brompton at high speed is a bit lively …

  6. I’ve been well and truely plugged. My son is a would be author also, I’ll be plugging him in the future, and passing on your credits to him. Cheers

  7. fhinchy says:

    Exciting! Seeing as I’m your big sis, can I have an advance copy for free? Plis xxx

  8. […] to singlehandedly keep all of the local livestock where it belongs – and actually managed to write something for publication. And this month – I’ve been dabbling in the law and train driving while thankfully […]

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