Baby it’s Cold Inside

Here’s one unexpected benefit of cycling in the winter: staying warm. No, bear with me. Every week I venture out into the cold night to cycle down to choir, sometimes getting drenched and almost always windblown, and get in to the village hall, where I instantly strip off my scary yellow jacket, gloves and hat, full of the joys of autumn and ready to roll while everyone else is still standing round shivering in their fleeces. Clearly that fifteen minutes of pedalling is enough to raise my core body temperature (why does that sound so much more scientific than ‘warm me up’?) for the evening. Tonight, it already being well below freezing before I set off, I wimped out and asked the other half for a lift down and ended up spending the entire evening huddled in my fleece, absolutely frozen. ‘Now you know how the rest of us feel,’ my fellow choir members said a little resentfully when I complained.* Clearly I’ve been overdoing the whole rosy-cheeked fresh-air-and-exercise thing a tiny bit.

The sad part is, I could probably have cycled down perfectly well because the only bit of the road that was actually icy was the patch outside our gate where the permapuddle has turned into a permarink – but that is skiddy. Even the poor hare we started up on the way back had difficulty cornering as it bolted for our gate, its four paws heading in about five different directions. Might need to get some grit on that before I tackle it on two wheels. If only so I can get out in the cold long enough to get warm…

* You’ll be glad to hear I refrained from suggesting that they could always cycle too.

3 Responses to Baby it’s Cold Inside

  1. welshcyclist says:

    I cycle to work and it’s exactly the same, I strip off the cycling gear and change, I’m in a T-shirt while my colleagues keep their fleeces and jumpers on, moaning about the cold. Our signalbox is not the warmest however, so by mid morning, I’m starting to feel the chill as well. I’ll have to get one of those cycle exercise machines installed to top up my core temperature, when needed? There’s an obvious link here to energy saving, and helping to fight global warming, that needs to be taken up nationally, what do you think?.

  2. sounds like we need to get you some spiky tyres when you’re in town tomorrow!

  3. disgruntled says:

    @welshcyclist – it’s not a connection I’ve heard made before, but you’re right.
    @SRD – every year I go through the whole is it worth it argument … they wear out pretty quick if you’re not using them on snow, don’t they?

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