December Bonus

On a morning when you realise that the Weather Gods have decided to get winter in properly

snowy morning

I was rewarded for trudging up to the veg plot anyway (I was going to fetch a shovel to clear the path, and decided just to see how everything was doing) with suddenly spotting this:

snowy romanesco

I’d thought my Romanesco had completely scratched this year. They’re only still in the ground because I hadn’t got around to clearing them out and they weren’t particularly in the way. This year seems to have been entirely upside down and backwards, so I suppose Italian vegetables mistaking a Scottish winter for summer is nothing.*

snowy plot

Still when the rest of the veg plot looks like this, I’m not complaining.

*The landlord’s peas were still flowering a couple of days ago. who knows, they might even get some Christmas peas…


5 Responses to December Bonus

  1. Charles says:

    Well that is result. I assume some kind of sorbet is in order, mock pistachio perhaps?

  2. I’m glad you see that as a bonus, obviously easily pleased up there in the far north. What I find worrying, is the winter scenes of your garden, and your phrase, “winter in properly”. We’ve had a cold snap here this past week, but I don’t want proper winter, I’m not ready……..

  3. disgruntled says:

    I expect it will end up stir fried, like most random veg around here. It will make a nice change from kale…

  4. John Gibson says:

    I have just gone out to get a kebab, and I thought it was a bit cold outside, but your picture made me shiver, most impressed with your veg, will it taste as normal.

  5. emma c says:

    I am impressed you are able to grow anything cabbagey, let alone so late! I hope it was delicious.. I still had coriander in the garden until our first frost a few days ago..Just a shame t’other haff says it tastes like squashed beetle.

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