When Life Hands you Celery

dreich weather

If anyone needs a definition of ‘Dreich’, here it is

I never thought I’d actually welcome a day of dreary rain that started before we got up and continued on into the afternoon – but it has at least washed most of the ice away at last, which considering it was -3°C when we woke up, is an achievement. Now all we have to do is make the required obeisances to the weather gods so that it doesn’t all freeze again overnight. I imagine buying an enormous bag of gritting salt yesterday formed part of the relevant ceremony – as will putting studded tyres on my bike.

Anyway, apart from a brief foray to the post box*, I decided that the only rational response to a day like today was to knuckle down and make stock. Not only does it steam up the windows so you can’t see the weather, but there’s something immensely satisfying, not to mention magical, about turning such non-food things as chicken bones, leek tops, romanesco stems, onion skins, parmesan rinds and celery into something as delicious as stock (I have heard that in some primitive cultures, people actually *eat* celery, but these people are wrong). I can’t imagine that the economics of it would stack up if you didn’t have a cooker that was always on anyway, but it’s what the Rayburn was made for. Well, that and leaning on while staring out of the window at the thaw …

* oh and drivers? If you were wondering why I was walking in the middle of the road? It’s because if you don’t slow down when you pass a pedestrian on a miserable wet thawing sort of a December day then you drench the pedestrian with icy water and the pedestrian doesn’t like that so she’s going to assert her presence by walking on your bit of the road where you can see her instead of on the verge where she is apparently invisible or at least not important enough to take any notice of. Just so you know.


5 Responses to When Life Hands you Celery

  1. ” oh and drivers”— pedestrians are a bit like cyclists in your part of the world then? Did you see “War on Britain’s roads” on BBC1 last evening?

  2. Bob says:

    I’ve never done anything with leek tops but turf them out. One doesn’t “eat” celery either. Horrid stuff. No wonder those who do have to smother it with melted cheese. Yet another ghastly thing called “Cheese Whiz”. A more inappropriate use of the word “whiz” is beyond my comprehension.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Welshcyclist – I ‘watched’ it on twitter and decided to give it a skip from the storm in a teacup it was generating. Actually most pedestrians here come to a halt and scramble onto the verge when cars come past – I’ve decided to become a vehicular pedestrian, given that there are no footpaths
    @Bob – yeah. I can’t read the word ‘whizz’ without sniggering. Cheese whiz just sounds like a euphemism

  4. The Paper Boy says:

    When life hands you celery, you know it’s near the end… (cf. Brussels sprouts) or at least it will seem like it.

  5. disgruntled says:

    heh. No brussels sprouts ever make it into our house, not even as stock ingredients

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