A Little Hush, Please

We had a rare night out last night and I may have consumed rather too many Dark & Stormy Nights* which meant I foolishly let the cat into the house on our return – and by ‘let’ I mean that the cat made a bolt for the front door as soon as she saw us returning and insinuated herself through the gap the moment it opened and I didn’t have the heart to kick her out again. This can only end one way and thus it was that I was woken in the early hours from a vivid dream in which our friends were feeding their dog on fish food to discover there was a cat stomping about on my head saying ‘wakey wakey, it’s four am and it’s a lovely night for a murder so can you let me out please’, although of course being a cat she didn’t say please. I would have just ignored her but that only makes her stomp around on your head harder and I tell you this: don’t be fooled by that ‘velvet paws’ nonsense, cats are not light on their feet and too much dark rum sloshing about the system adds absolutely nothing to the experience.

So let’s just say I was feeling a little under par this morning. Fortunately, the rain yesterday had not only washed away almost all of the ice and snow but had gone leaving bright sunshine and a brisk breeze and I was able at last to get out on my bike and fetch the paper and let the fresh air blow away the cobwebs. I was even accompanied part of the way back by a cheery flock of long-tailed tits who were chirping their way from tree to tree in a charming manner designed to gladden the heart and lift the soul.  Which it did. Although on the whole, I could have wished them to be a teeny bit less loud…

*Dark rum and ginger beer; don’t mock until you’ve tried it.


5 Responses to A Little Hush, Please

  1. Bob says:

    I swore off dark rum years ago. Cats more recently.

  2. disgruntled says:

    I’d swear off the cat, but the cat has other ideas. She regards us as some sort of a holiday home, I think

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had hopes of a ride this morning, went outside in my dressing gown (brrr!) to check conditions, puddles iced over and hard frost on roads, so came back indoors. I’ve got the sniffles, and a quick loop down and back up the valley usually clears it. Forecast looking good for tomorrow, though. C’est la vie.

  4. disgruntled says:

    yup, no point swapping a cold for a broken leg

  5. Bill Gibbon says:

    I don’t have Ginger Beer – but I tried it with Canada Dry and found it to be very acceptable – thanks for the suggestion!

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