Priorities, Please

So we had three priorities this morning, having finally arrived at zonked o’clock last night. One was getting to the coffee machine first and making sure we brewed something strong enough to keep two jetlagged people functioning through the day. Two was getting our various gadgets online and connected to the internet. And three was sorting out the two bikes in the garage that hadn’t been ridden since the last time we were here.

Sadly, although one bike was reasonably ridable after a bit of fettling, the other one was suffering from a partially seized freewheel and needed more than percussive maintenance and a little lubrication could supply. Fortunately since we were here last a bike recycler has opened up and we headed down, initially to see if we could donate the old one and rent a replacement so we could both get out on two wheels. They quickly persuaded us that it would be more cost effective just to get the old one sorted out so that’s what we’ve done. I think their business model is more about getting people onto bikes than it is about making money. Then again, while the bike was being checked over by the mechanics that left me plenty of time to mosey around the recycled bikes they had for sale …

I was particularly taken with this splendid machine

Although there’s something about a bike with an integrated tennis racquet …bike_sound_system

… not to mention its own sound system


And then there’s what happens when your knitting and your cycling hobbies coincide.

If it wasn’t for the practicalities of getting them all home (or cluttering up the in-laws’ garage) they might have made a sale or two. Perhaps their business model is cannier than I thought

8 Responses to Priorities, Please

  1. Bob says:

    Not so sure of the effectiveness of that vintage tennis racket, but the bike is awesome. Maybe just keep the racket for looks?

  2. That first one brings back memories of the bikes that were stored in my grandparents barn, that we used when we visited. fab!

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Bob – it had a sprung suspension system too. If the light had been better…
    @Sara – it’s rather gorgeous isn’t it?

  4. That’s not knitting – that’s crochet!

  5. Flighty says:

    What a great looking shop, I’m sure that you had to be dragged away from it. xx

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