Cycle of Futility

You know, going on a long bike ride in the attempt to burn off our breakfast pancakes – complete with butter and maple syrup, naturally – would probably have worked better if we hadn’t then stopped off for lunch at the sort of deli where you have to dislocate your jaw to get the sandwich into your mouth (Americans must regard eating out in the UK as one long succession of disappointments at the midget portions…). Particularly when the waitress was so impressed by us arriving by bike (we had got a little lost and the place was situated on a road that the local bike map classified as a double black diamond run) that she not only gave the other half an extra packet of crisps after he inhaled his first one, but she gave us two free cookies on the way out. ‘After all, you’ve ridden all that way, you hardly need to worry about the calories…’

Looks like we might need to head out again tomorrow to work off lunch.

colorado_tree_2 colorado_tree_1

Ah, shame.


4 Responses to Cycle of Futility

  1. commuterjohn says:

    Looks like you brought the rain clouds of Scotland with you – do your jeans dry off quick out there!

  2. It’s a hard life isn’t it 😉

    Hope you’ve had a great year, please keep up the good CEoGB work!

  3. disgruntled says:

    @john – those were probably snow clouds but they seem to have missed us for now
    @Jonathan – it is! But we struggle on…

  4. John Gibson says:

    Thats Interesting Scenery.

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