Not So Smart

With the year drawing to a close, alert readers may have noticed that, despite our exciting new smart meters being fitted, I haven’t been posting any details of the results. You may have thought that was because even I drew the line at such a dull post, but that’s only because you haven’t been paying close attention to the blog. After all, I never drew the line at sharing the glories of my vegetable growing spreadsheet.

But in fact, the reason is much simpler than that. Despite my poor gadget track record, I haven’t yet managed to break the smart meters – but I do appear to have broken the entire smart metering project as the website we’re supposed to log into to get the results has suffered unexpected technical difficulties (possibly I should have warned them…). So we’re still waiting to get our hands on the figures for the last few months’ oil consumption. Well, apart from the figures we’ve worked out for ourselves through the use of our mark one smart meter, the graduated stick. Proof yet again – if proof were needed – that there’s very little in life that can’t be managed somehow by poking it with a stick.


2 Responses to Not So Smart

  1. Charles says:

    Well we got to the airport and at check in they said, you need a visa for Australia , hmm news to us. Apparently you can get them on the Internet. Out with iPad passport and credit card and hey presto two visas! Also no need for any exercise today as heart rate still has to come down.

    Last time I looked the airline would not sell you the ticket or at least it would tell you about the possible need for a visa. Last time I was in Australia my wife organised the tickets and the visas….

    Fortunately the visas came through in a flash and we are now safely tucked up in the lounge.

    I really hate private travel , if it business and it goes wrong well it’s not my money and I really did not want to go anyway. This is one year of planning, fortunately other half insisted on arriving very early so at least we rescued the situation. However stress related retail therapy has already started.

    Americans shovel snow and are generally very civic minded, it’s just the odd lunatic that makes one a little cautious.

  2. disgruntled says:

    phew! Glad you managed to retrieve the situation. Have fun in Oz & enjoy the weather

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