But Meanwhile, What News of the Ford?

Actually I can’t really help you with that at the moment – but someone did wonder idly at breakfast this morning what the level was at the reservoir, in light of the recent lack of rain. This was all the excuse we needed to take the bikes (I should say that there has been no let up in the onslaught of cookies and other treats since we have arrived, not to mention mexican food, so all this cycling is, in calorific terms, more or less just standing still) on an epic journey to check the level of the reservoir, an idea that was a lot better in theory when we were standing inside the house and looking at all the blue skies and sunshine than it turned out in practice when we set off into the teeth of a ferocious headwind. It’s never a good sign when you have to pedal going downhill, put it that way, and once the road turned uphill, it wasn’t just in calorific terms that we were standing still…

But for a Brit starved of sunshine, it was still too good a day not to be outdoors so I did my best to cling on to the other half’s slipstream and we made it to the top of the dam with only a minimum of wondering what on earth we thought we were doing.

reservoir looking low
I can therefore report that 1) the water looks pretty low and 2) they really should paint depth gauges onto these things if they want their tourism industry to take off.

And on the way down (which was fairly epic with the wind behind us…) I did manage to stop and take a photo of a road sign that should strike a chill into the heart of serious bike accumulators everywhere. Clearly, a place where someone’s beloved steed was lost…

n-1 cove


3 Responses to But Meanwhile, What News of the Ford?

  1. Jane says:

    Merry Christmas! Here in soggy Bristol we are envying you the sunshine, and the lack of rain ( while hoping that the water level is not critical).

  2. disgruntled says:

    I think they could definitely do with some of that rain. After we’ve left though, maybe…

  3. […] the car (it was too cold and too far to be a pleasant bike ride, realistically, although we have done it before). The ticket lasts until noon the next day so this morning we decided we’d better head out […]

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