Back in Harness

Right, enough of that gallivanting about, we’re back now and there’s gardening to be done. Having slept 12 hours last night, and still feeling zonked, I decided this afternoon I needed to be out in order to persuade my poor jetlagged brain that it was daytime (although I could tell it wasn’t all that convinced seeing as how the sun was struggling to make it through approximately seven miles of cloud cover and I was peering through the murk before it was even half past three). So I squelched up to the vegetable plot with my new gardening gloves (if the 17-year-old me knew what my 40-something self had asked for for Christmas, she’d have had words) to see what I could see and what had survived the wettest year in recorded history. It’s a bit odd to have come from a desert climate where every drop of water seems to be contested to a place where the water just lies around everywhere where the ground isn’t actively sloping. So here is the gardening news. Yes, I know you’re excited…

Amazingly, after 2 years of complete write offs there’s a faint chance we may actually have some cabbages this year, albeit little tiny ones


The leeks are looking particularly unconvincing though. We’ve actually been reduced to buying leeks, oh the shame

unconvincing leeks

Those perpetual spinach that the mice left me seem to be hanging in there …
what's left of the perpetual spinach

… probably because the little buggers have been busy hollowing out the beetroot again.

hollowed out beetroot

In truth, there wasn’t much I could do because the ground was so wet, so I came back down and spent a bit of time clearing out the flowerbeds where everything is now thoroughly dead and bedraggled. I know you’re supposed to leave that stuff over winter for the wildlife but it will take me the rest of the winter to get around to clearing it all so I reckoned we could share. And besides, if this afternoon was anything to go by, most of that wildlife consists of slugs, snails and midgies, none of which are exactly in short supply. Nor, indeed, are mice.

Remember this?

blue Colorado sky

I do …


4 Responses to Back in Harness

  1. Charles says:

    Ah yes, winter in Scotland. Still another ten days in Perth , as in Western Australia, where it was a steady 41 Celsius last week.

    However the reality of London in January is looming, although I am keeping it at bay with judicious socialising.

  2. Jo says:

    if the 17-year-old me knew what my 40-something self had asked for for Christmas, she’d have had words.

    Not sure if it’s good or not but change the 4 to a 3 and my requests haven’t changed. Then: books! Now: books!

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Charles just stuff your fingers in your ears and make a humming noise and the thought goes away. Enjoy the rest of your holiday
    @Jo in fairness, books also featured prominently.

  4. […] a few really healthy plants (eg. Squash) are far more productive than a lot of weedy ones, like my leeks. Of course a whole load of really healthy plants would be more productive than anything, but that […]

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