Before and After

garden before

Hmmm. Growing veg apart, I’m still not 100% persuaded of the usefulness of most gardening activity, particularly the herbaceous border type stuff. I’m currently clearing (or more accurately ‘laying waste’ to) the beds in front of the house. The idea, I suppose, is that your perennials get off to a flying start while the weeds are at least slowed down, although I often wonder how they can tell the difference. After all, with your perennials you mostly clear away the dead stuff on top, leaving the roots in place, while with the weeds you generally end up doing exactly the same thing but more roughly. I do try and hoick up the worst of the buttercup roots, but I’m sure as far as buttercups are concerned I’m just giving them a nice prune, so they can romp away in spring. And half the time the weeds are in among the perennials and you end up hoicking up their roots too. I don’t suppose apologising afterwards makes much difference to the plant…

garden after

Still, it’s quite satisfying to pull away large clumps of dead stuff and find tiny new plants and shoots lurking underneath although it’s a bit less satisfying to spend 20 minutes lovingly clearing around some tender growth only to turn around and realise you’ve just planted your clumping great boot on the one you’d cleared before. And in general the bits that I do put a bit of effort into do tend to look a bit less scruffy and weed ridden than the bits I’ve left to their own devices, although not necessarily in proportion to the amount of effort spent. I suppose mostly what I’m doing is just making it look tidier, which is more pleasing to the human eye. On the downside, I’m also making it look much more like a cat’s latrine, if the smell was anything to go by. Oh well, I suppose it’s all fertiliser in the end.

On the whole, I find that gardening is most satisfying when you think of it as barrow-loads of compost created. For plants may come and plants may go, but a good compost heap is a joy forever…


2 Responses to Before and After

  1. Nice blog and I too have trod on many a new shoot with my clumsy wellied feet!

  2. Flighty says:

    I like growing flowers but try growing lots of annuals which are far more time consuming than perennials!
    Your last paragraph had me nodding in agreement. xx

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