Let it Snow

more snow

We woke up this morning to more snow, and then it started snowing like it meant it

What better time for a bike ride?

sheep in snow

I’m sure you’re all bored of me banging on about my new tyres (and believe me, it’s not just you – I’ve told half the village, my writers’ group and pretty much anyone else who was passing and wasn’t able to get away) but, actual bikes aside, I can’t think of a single thing I’ve bought in recent years that I’ve been quite as pleased with. It will take a few years before the tyres can justify themselves in financial terms but in human happiness terms they’ve already paid me back tenfold – and that’s after subtracting the negative effect of everyone I’ve bored rigid extolling their virtues. The last three winters have left me feeling trapped and grumpy whenever I couldn’t ride my bike but this morning, rolling along on the fresh snow, watching a raven doing aerial battle with a buzzard, totally alone apart from a few uncomprehending sheep, I felt invincible (possibly too invincible as I forgot to look out for potholes on one nasty bit of road – but even then, the bike handled fine and I was able to stay upright despite ending up on a crusty pile of ice and snow). The hardest part was getting going after stopping to take pictures – my tyres might be surefooted, but my boots don’t have enough grip to push myself off on the snow.

more snow falling

There’s more snow now – it’s snowed all day and probably even I wouldn’t want to be cycling on the roads at the moment until the cars have had a chance to compact it down a bit. The thaw is forecast to start tomorrow, but even if it doesn’t and it freezes and compacts and hangs around for weeks, I’m just happy to know I will still be able to ride my bike…

8 Responses to Let it Snow

  1. John Gibson says:

    More nice pictures. I am thinking about getting some of these tyres, if I do, my wife will have the task of giving them a trial. She does far more cycling then me so it’s only fair.

  2. Charles says:

    There is nothing like buying something for a particular purpose and finding that it does what it says on the tin. My favourite is Jeyes fluid, I had to unblock the drains prior to my 50th birthday and Jeyes fluid rendered everything spotless. Do not tell the guests that the gloves I used to unblock the drains were later used on the bar b q. No one died so once again Jeyes fluid came to the rescue….

  3. Jo says:

    New tyres? That can cope with snow, ice and whatever else the winter throws your way? Did I miss something? You never said…

  4. […] Ottawa hikes bike use by 40% over the last six years. Call it a getaway bike share. When you have snow tires on your bike, winter doesn’t have to be the off-season — even in Scotland. An Irish teen funds his […]

  5. disgruntled says:

    @Charles – true … though I think I got the better end of the bargain there…
    @John – be interested to see what your wife thinks.
    @Jo – really? I feel sure I must have mentioned it one or two times in the past week…

  6. […] then the weather report said it would get really cold. Even if the bike had had incredible ice tyres like Disgruntled, cycling in temperatures of minus ten would mean all kinds of cold weather clothing which I’d […]

  7. babymother says:

    Those sheep are so picture-skew in the snow… What breed are they? Print out your photos for next year’s Christmas cards, that’s what I say.

  8. […] had as much snow before – indeed we’ve probably had as much snow this winter – but we’ve never seen it drifting like this or piled so high. Astoundingly, the […]

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