To the Weather Gods: A Vote of Thanks

No really, I think we can all agree that this past week or so you guys have excelled yourselves. Not only have you provided me with the full gamut of wintry weather with which to test my tyres, but you then thoughtfully laid on a thaw and enough rain to wash away all the snow AND reveal the hole in our roof at a time when the landlord was around to get it fixed promptly. There’s not many minor deities that display that sort of thoroughness and attention to detail, and I’d like to say now just how much I appreciate it – and I think I can safely say that we have all appreciated your hard work over the years, putting in the hours to make our weather the very … special … experience we’ve come to know and love.

It’s just – well, when it comes to the rain, I think you’ve delighted us enough. There is, truly, no snow left to melt. Honestly. I was out this morning and I looked. To be honest, you were blowing the rain into my face so thoroughly that I couldn’t really raise my eyes from the level of the road to look at anything else. There is a lot of mud, plenty puddles, some with truly impressive pot holes lurking in the bottom of them, and a few misplaced streams that have sprung directly out of the roadbed due to the sheer saturation of water in our soil. I think that we have your abundant generosity to thank for those, as well as some record readings on the level of ford. When it comes to water coming out of the sky, guys, I think we can safely say you’re second to none. Hydrologically speaking, you’re our go to gods. If I want to go out and get absolutely sodden, again, (and who knows, one of these days I might very well do) I’ll know who to call.

But don’t you think – as deities – it’s time for you to try and extend yourself a little, to think outside the box? Staying in your comfort zone all the time, you risk getting stuck in a rut, the kind with a huge muddy puddle along its length. We wonder whether, with adequate training and support, you couldn’t tackle something a little finer? Spring, for instance, even if summer might prove to be completely out of your range. Or have you considered drought work, even the odd heat wave? Is it time, in short, for you to indulge in a little blue sky thinking?

Think of it as a challenge.


4 Responses to To the Weather Gods: A Vote of Thanks

  1. John Gibson says:

    minor deities, oh dear, you’ve done it now.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yep, my first thought was what John said, too. Then to mention they need *any* kind of training and/or support before going on to suggest there might be something out of their range? It’s obvious, my dear girl, you are completely unused to dealing with ego of any considerable size. Which says great things about your spouse, of course, but I’m afraid does not help your case at all when asking for favors. Sigh. Good luck.

  3. Charles says:

    Obvioiusly a sacrifice is called for, its the obvious solution. Being modern deities weather gods should appreciate mental anguish as much as blood shed, so I would have thought if you had a bonfire and put the new ice tyres on the flames the weather would change straight away. Of course gods do have a sense of humour and may thank you for the gift of lovely snow tyres and send snow so that they can enjoy them. Divinity is not for the frail in spirit.

  4. disgruntled says:

    heh, I expect I’m for it whatever I do. That said, we had some nice sunshine today (despite the forecast)

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