Pair a Ducks

We have this road …

road photo

I took this photo to show the curious optical illusion whereby it appears to have a big puddle half way up the side of the hill, but the puddle didn’t really come out very clearly on the picture. Oh well, it’s a nice shot anyway, and I know you lot like pictures of roads.

does this puddle look like it's half way up the hill to you? No? Just me then...

does this puddle look like it’s half way up the hill to you? No? Just me then…

For those who like illusions, here’s the puddle circled. I don’t think my career lies in taking clever paradoxical pictures, do you?


6 Responses to Pair a Ducks

  1. John Gibson says:

    Yes pictures are good. It still amazes me that we get all this free stuff, please keep it up.

  2. Rachel says:

    I see it! There’s a road near us where it looks like the river running alongside it is flowing uphill.

  3. With roads like that you could be holidaying in Norfolk, are you??

  4. Ross Wintle says:

    Is it an illusion because there is no puddle? Or because the puddle is, say, 1/3 the way up the hill, and not half way – a bit like a false summit? Has this city-dweller missed something?

  5. Ross Wintle says:

    Oh, wait. I get it. Sorry. Been up since 5:30 with a toddler. I should be having lunch by now. My poor addled brain.

  6. disgruntled says:

    @LLD – bit hilly for Norfolk isn’t it?
    @Ross – you’re forgiven…

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