The Wheels on my Bike Go On and Off

The Met Office, and its propaganda arm the BBC Terror Centre, bless them, do love a good weather warning, and the direr the better – whether it’s for heavy rain (perhaps they should stick to warning us when it might stop), yellow snow, or the all purpose ‘put a jumper on or you’ll catch your death of cold young lady’. So in the absence of any such warning last night beyond some vague handwaving on the radio about ‘wintry showers’ for ‘and finally, Scotland’, I wasn’t too worried about the forthcoming cold snap – I mean, it is still February after all, and they’d have warned us if anything serious was coming. Even when I came out of last night’s community council meeting and found that there was a bit of slushy snow about, and then a bit more sleet on the ride home, I assumed it was just a passing phase. I did let the cat in – well, I say ‘let’, she has a way of bolting for the door and flattening herself against it when she wants in that makes it impossible not to – because it was a bit nippy out and the sleet was getting thicker. I certainly wasn’t expecting to get up in the morning and be greeted by this


(really must prune that rose bush)

In a fit of optimism last week I swapped out the ice tyres on my bike for my normal ones and I’ve been humming and hawing about how cold it would have to be forecast and for how long before I swapped them back in again…


I think that’s that decision made, anyway…


One Response to The Wheels on my Bike Go On and Off

  1. John Gibson says:

    They were just waiting for you to change tyres, and then they strike.
    Talking about yellow snow, have a look at this.


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