Never Satisfied

After all the mud and flooding of yesterday’s post, we were greeted this morning by blue skies and gentle breezes, though it’s going to have to do a hell of a lot more of that if we’re actually going to see much difference. I set off for the paper in my not-quite-coldest-weather gear (buff, scarf, hat, two pairs of socks but just the one jumper, non-mutant gloves) and was soon working up a bit of a sweat although on inspection that turned out to be the effect of leaving the dynamo on…

It was, in fact, a bit odd to be pedalling along with snow still piled up by the side of the road in places, but the birds all singing away in the hedges as if it were March. It’s amazing how seamlessly you slip from ‘will this winter never end?’ to the gardener’s panic state of ‘ohmigod it’s almost spring and I haven’t ordered any seeds, the garden’s not ready, there’s too much to do, help, stop the world, I want to get off…’ Remind me just how horticultural therapy is supposed to work again?


Safety Chickens at work

Not – I hasten to add – that I’m complaining. And I was cheered to note the village safety chickens were still on patrol, clustering pointedly beneath the 30mph sign this morning. Although perhaps they would be a little more effective if they were wearing some hi vis?


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