And Little Lambs Eat Ivy

After the first few bleating woolly blighters were spotted earlier this week … suddenly our fields are full of lambs. I’d been meaning to post earlier but only managed to get self, camera, camera’s SD card and lambs all into roughly the same place this morning.

faraway lambs

And obviously, given I was on a bike, aka the scariest thing in the world, by ‘same place’ I mean me on the edge of the field and sheep and lambs as far away as possible on the other side, testing the limits of my zoom.

lambs posing

Although one family was rather more inclined to pose


Until Mum decided enough was enough and led her pair away from the limelight

lamb gangs

Some of the lambs were already forming lamb gangs all the better to start their assault on any gaps in the walls. I suspect my rides down to the papershop are shortly going to be punctuated by futile attempts to keep them off the road and safely in their fields. And it’s not just the sheep, either. I was stopped on my way back from the pub last night by the local sheepdog breeder and trainer who’d lost one of his best bitches.* I don’t know if he found her or not, but if not, perhaps she can join me on my mission …

* as in female dog, not something to go with his hoes.


2 Responses to And Little Lambs Eat Ivy

  1. misspiggy says:

    Yay! Lambs! So nice to know there are signs of Spring somewhere….

  2. disgruntled says:

    poor things must be rather chilly …

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