Headwind out…

Cycling out to the papershop this morning, I wondered which was worse: sailing out all unknowing on a tailwind and only realising on your way back, or heading out in the full knowledge that you will have the biting east wind in your face every slow grinding mile of the way home.

And then I cycled out to Bigtown in the afternoon and on the way back I got my answer: worst of all is cycling out into a headwind and then coming back to discover that the wind has shifted north and is not at your back but coming at you crossways all the way home. For a headwind is a headwind is a headwind – it can come at you from almost 90 degrees on either side and still be in your face – but a tailwind is only a tailwind when it’s got it’s hand on your back and is pushing you home. And that almost never happens.

Still never mind all that, I bring you Important Ford News:

mended ford sign

Someone has fixed the sign! Although whether it was the council, or just someone who waded in to retrieve the broken off half of the depth gauge and mended it (looks like they cleaned it too) I don’t yet know. If so, my money would be on the postman, who has form on this matter


2 Responses to Headwind out…

  1. Charles says:

    Excellent news about the ford. The amount of rain in London means we will need something similar down here fairly soon!

  2. disgruntled says:

    Glad it’s not just us!

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