Bike Hourish

I hadn’t been paying too much attention to Bike Hour – but then I came across its code of conduct and it tickled me enough to consider taking part. Bike Hour is the least organised and most flexible of any cycling event – it’s less a ride and more a state of mind: pared down to its essentials, it asks you to go for a bike ride between 6pm and 7pm (your time) on each of the equinoxes. Its purpose as far as I can tell is to make bikes more visible, but without the in-your-faceness of Critical Mass and without the organisational effort of (say) a mass bike ride on your local legislature, although they do have some cool posters.

Normally at 6pm I would be riding down to choir but it wasn’t on this evening so I was free and despite the rawish weather I decided to join in despite the fact that at all good Scottish people were likely to be indoors having their tea. The only non motorised transport I saw was a horse and rider (I don’t follow any horsey people on twitter: do they also have a #horsehour?) but who knows, perhaps the three cars that passed me got the message. Whatever the message actually is…

Still, it gave me a chance to go for a ride that wasn’t for any real purpose and not in any real rush and I took the opportunity to take some photos while the light held. I didn’t think I’d be out that long, but in the end I was back just after 7 as the light was almost gone.  For the first day of spring it was pretty wintry, but there were a few signs of changes on the way. Indeed, I think perhaps I might repeat the experiment in a month or so’s time to see what changes have been wrought…

bikehour_7 bikehour_8 bikehour_9 bikehour_10 bikehour_2 bikehour_4 bikehour_6

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