Cat on a Hot Tin Rayburn

Happiness is…


… your own stool by the Rayburn

In the interests of strict accuracy, that is supposed to be MY stool by the Rayburn but we’re cat sitting again and the cat and I have been conducting an undeclared turf war over this prime bit of kitchen territory. I think the cat’s won though, as MY stool has had to be moved from a position where I could sit with my back against the Rayburn because the cat had a tendency to fall asleep on it and then stretch luxuriously on waking, pressing her paws against the hot metal. It turns out it takes a little bit of time for the message that your paws are burning to get through to a cat brain (although when it does, boy the cat can move). We wouldn’t want her damaging herself under our care, so we have moved the stool to a safe stretching distance and if that inconveniences anyone else in the house well, she’s a cat, and she doesn’t give a stuff, frankly.


Someone remind me what cats are for again?

9 Responses to Cat on a Hot Tin Rayburn

  1. Jo says:

    Someone remind me what cats are for again?

    Keeping you in your place. Or out of it, as the case may be. 😆

  2. disgruntled says:

    Ha! yes, all too true. Bloody cats…

  3. WOL says:

    Cats grace you with their presence. If cats had thumbs, we’d rule the world for them.

  4. Viviane says:

    I wish you could see my cat right now, sitting eyes half closed with his nose a few centimeters from the woodstove…

  5. Flighty says:

    So that you have something cute to blog and tweet about.
    I bet that she’s toasty warn there! xx

  6. disgruntled says:

    That brought all the cat fans out of the woodwork!

  7. emma c says:

    She is a beauty. I’m sure she is there to confirm what a jolly good idea a stool by the stove is. It makes me wish I weren’t allergic to cats and didn’t have 2 dogs that believe cats are for chasing..

  8. dave says:

    “Someone remind me what cats are for again?”

    Food supply in case of zombie apocalypse natch.

  9. disgruntled says:

    @emma – I think I knew that already!
    @dave – not much meat on a cat, I wouldn’t have thought.

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