Snowed Up

snowy yard

Yup, it snowed again last night.

We’re not exactly snowed in – in fact parts of our road are actually visible thanks to some ploughing and gritting yesterday. But we had no pressing reason to dig our car out of the snowdrift it was in this morning so we took the local police advice (‘Do not drive’ – note there was no messing about with ‘is your journey really necessary?’ or ‘take extra care and allow more time to get to your destination’) and holed up beside the Rayburn and stayed warm.


My twitter feed was full of those further west having it much worse than us – someone stuck in their car in the snow overnight and having to walk the last mile home, someone who had to dig themselves out of their own house after the snow overtopped their front door, a ‘last tweet’ as someone’s mobile died, their power having been off for 24 hours. So it felt like a luxury to be able to go for a walk for the hell of it – and when we were sick of wading through thigh-high drifts – just turn around and yomp home (top tip for those playing the page’s part in the Good King Wenceslas reenactment: make sure you step off on the correct foot because once you’re thigh deep in someone else’s footprints it’s hard to change legs so you have to weave extravagantly from side to side putting your left leg into the right hand footprint and vice versa)


As for us, apart from a distressing lack of a weekend paper, so far the only thing we have run out of is salad, which to be honest hardly counts as a hardship. I expect we’ll get sick of it soon, but for now we’ve decided to enjoy it while we can.

There are more snowy pics – for those who like that sort of thing – on my flickr stream


5 Responses to Snowed Up

  1. commuterjohn says:

    So I suppose that’s your excuse for not letting us know how deep the ford is then!

  2. WOL says:

    I’ll trade your weather for ours. We have blowing dust and wind gusts up to 60 mph. There’s a cold front blowing in. High today was 76F/24C. Predicted low tonight is 27F/-3C. Predicted high tomorrow is 48F/9C. We’ll take moisture any way we can get it.

  3. Flighty says:

    It all looks pretty but rather you than me. xx

  4. Bob says:

    Hm. And here we’re grumbling ever so slightly that our temps are slightly below seasonal, but yesterday I was briefly digging in the garden. Best to keep quiet.
    Careful on the slippy bits.

  5. disgruntled says:

    John – boringly the ford is running at a couple of inches at the moment. I expect it will shoot up when the thaw gets underway
    WOL – I wish there was a way of sharing the moisture out more evenly. We’re definitely getting more than our share…
    Flighty – I know what you mean
    Bob- spikey tyres will be going back on tomorrow when I need to be on the bike again…

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