April Fool

spring anenomes

There was a moment this afternoon when we got out of the wind briefly and the sun was shining and it almost – *almost* – felt like April.

seed order

Which is good because my seed order has arrived.* Being permanently behind with the gardening starts here…

*Alert readers with long memories will notice that I’m going to try and do something about the cobbles this year – a bare couple of years since I first had the idea which is practically instantaneous for me


2 Responses to April Fool

  1. emma c says:

    Ahhhrr.. lucky you with (what looks like)an anemone. The ones in the forest here are barely showing new leaves. No buds to speak of.
    I am currently planning a cobbled terrace made of random stones dug up in our garden and want to lay it in sand with romantic plantings of aromatic herbs. This cant be wrong, can it? It is a rare corner of the garden without blanket moss. But I really am thinking the whole undertaking is masochistic. My plan is to mow it.

  2. disgruntled says:

    We can swap notes, if I ever get round to planting mine…

    Yep that’s an anemone – but a garden one. Not sure what the wood ones are doing….

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