Mouse-Eye View

As the snow receded from the walled garden over the weekend, we spotted this:

mouse(?) tunnels through the grass

Closer inspection revealed what would appear to be a network of tracks through the moss and grass, presumably carved under the snow cover by mice or something of that ilk (I also have photos of poo if it helps anyone identify them… the tracks appeared mostly to be running to neat little latrines. Obviously ‘don’t foul your own nest’ is something better understood by mice than by humans.)

mouse tunnel and hole


mouse hole

Thinking about it, it must have been rather cosy running around underneath the snow, safely hidden from any hovering kestrels or passing cats. I’d almost feel quite fond of them, if it weren’t for the other traces they’ve been known to leave…

mouse-nibbled beetroot

6 Responses to Mouse-Eye View

  1. John Gibson says:

    I’m glad its thawing out for you. I was going to send you a picture of the snow we had last month in Oxford, that was taken by a neighbour, but I deleted it, by mistake.

  2. I believe they are vole tracks.

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    “I’d almost feel quite fond of them, if it weren’t for the other traces they’ve been known to leave…”

    They probably say the same about humans…

  4. Flighty says:

    Interesting. Whatever ate your beetroot appears to have enjoyed it! xx

  5. disgruntled says:

    @John – that’s a shame!
    @Paul – ah, good to know.
    @Andy – I expect they wouldn’t say the same about cats …
    @Flighty – probably more than me, if I’m honest

  6. […] one of my photos (I think my high point was when Which Garden magazine printed my picture of a mouse nibbled beetroot), sometimes pitching ridiculously unsuitable guest posts, very rarely* offering me stuff to try, […]

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