Many Happy Returns

Well, the weekend brought the return of our south westerly winds, which meant a relief from the recent cold weather, but (into every life a little rain must fall) came at the price of actually quite a lot of rain – there was a good foot and a half of water raging over the ford yesterday afternoon, thanks for asking. Given that we’ve had, amazingly, practically no rain at all since the epic snows, this has come as a bit of a blow. We were getting quite used to the idea of being able to walk around in something other than wellies, but more fool us.

The milder mornings had also brought another old friend, the wakey wakey bird, to be cheery outside my window at oh God do you really have to o’clock but – although twitter has been full of people announcing the arrival of theirs – no sign of any swallows. Until this morning when, peering out the window to see if it had stopped raining yet, the other half announced that he had seen one flying out of the window of the swallow shed. And there it was whizzing around in the sky, hopefully hoovering up the first of many beakfuls of midgies…

6 Responses to Many Happy Returns

  1. Flighty says:

    All a bit deja vu I would guess! xx

  2. we need rain,weird, simply weird weather. We are not ready for the swallows, we think we have to stop them nesting in the barn this year, if the now late geriatric cat could take them out last year, Jammy and Dodger the kitten-cats will wreak carnage….

  3. John Gibson says:

    My wife got up too late to feed the birds on Sunday. She had to rush off to work really early. This morning when she went down the garden, she told me that one of the Robins was so angry at her, she thought it was going to attack her.

  4. Bob says:

    Well, I’ll ‘see’ your “wakey wakey” bird, and ‘raise’ you a robin that’s been trying to get through our bedroom window for the last week or so.
    It was amusing at first, until I realised she had been crapping all over the window sill…

  5. disgruntled says:

    Flighty – It all comes around again eventually!
    UHDD – our swallows seem able to handle the cat, but then she’s shut out of their shed
    John – there’s gratitude for you!
    Bob – it’s probably attacking the robin in the window – we’ve had the same problem with the wing mirror of our car

  6. Sarah says:

    Swallows?! We only just have daffodils.

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