Walking it Off

It’s that time of year again – when you (and by ‘you’, of course, I mean ‘I’ – I’m sure you’re all perfectly svelte) emerge tentatively from the winter layers and realise that some of that extra layering is now built in. I would not be at all surprised to learn that humans, like trees, have growth rings – with each one marking yet another Christmas of overeating and undercycling – and it would appear that Christmas 2012 was particularly productive on that front, at least if the tightness of my jeans are anything to go by. In short the time has come to take measures or face the ultimate punishment: trouser shopping.

There are some things I won’t do, however. I have never on my life been on any sort of diet and I refuse to start now. I’m quite happy to stop eating snacks between meals or not have pudding or go from two slices of toast to just one, as long as someone is around to eat the other one* but I’m buggered if I’m going to start finding out how many calories there are in something, or switch to low fat or sugar free anything. And while the entire internet appears to be on the 5-2 diet, I’m not sure the world is ready for the sort of grumpiness I’m likely to display when I’m fasting. However, cutting out the odd snack and pudding can only go so far, which means if I’m to achieve my goal of getting back into my black jeans without holding onto the waistband and jumping up and down I have to adjust the energy out side of the equation.

Now I already cycle quite a lot, but cycling is actually not a great way to burn calories as it’s too darn efficient, especially at the speed I normally go. And when it comes to getting into jeans, cycling suffers from the whole thunder thighs issue, something that never gets covered on those cycle chic blogs. No, the only way I’ve found to actually lose weight is either to run or to walk more. I’m not *quite* desperate enough to go back to the running, but I am trying to get out on two feet as well as two wheels as much as I can.

For the last few weeks, therefore, I’ve aimed to do at least one hour of either walking or cycling every day and so far I’ve stuck to it. I’ve even switched to occasionally walking to the village instead of cycling to get my allotted hour in. The results haven’t been exactly spectactular, but I’m gradually shedding the excess, although that might just be our bathroom scales. I haven’t yet tried getting into the jeans, but it’s only a matter of time. The only problem so far has been fending off all the offers of lifts from people in the village – walking for transport is even odder than cycling round here. I might have to borrow a dog before I get picked up by the police for soliciting…

*people who switch the toaster to the one slice setting and LEAVE IT THERE get shot at dawn in our household. Just so you know.


One Response to Walking it Off

  1. 2whls3spds says:

    I would claim that the jeans shrunk in the dryer! There is no way to overeat during the holidays!

    Dogs are good at taking you for walks, we have a new mutt that takes us walking to the tune of some 2+ miles a day, that will decrease when I get his 4000′ of invisible fencing installed.


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