Gadding About

I was off on my travels again yesterday to Edinburgh; just your everyday multi-modal journey: brompton – bus – train – foot – foot again – sprint to catch train to avoid the dreaded rail replacement bus service – brompton – train – and finally a lift home by car courtesy of the other half. The purpose was a meeting with the minister of transport (I managed to avoid derailing our allotted half hour with a diatribe on the contradiction in terms that is the rail replacement bus service) which is the sort of thing which happens when you assemble 3999 others to pedal with you on parliament. Whether it leads to anything other than another glimpse of the labyrinthine interior of the Scottish Parliament and a fleeting feeling of self-importance, time will tell.

And then on Saturday I’m off to the Cycling Embassy AGM which I’ve cunningly arranged to be in Newcastle so it’s easy for me to get to on a train that takes proper big bikes. Lovely and handy as the Brompton is, I have discovered a downside to it. Once folded, it is too heavy for me to easily lift, which means lugging it about with it banging against my leg with every step. Throw in a flight of stairs or two, and you end up with legs covered in bruises. Time to work on my upper body strength – or my tan by way of disguise. Does anyone have a programme of Brompton-lifting exercises I could try? Because the tan part isn’t going to be easy…


2 Responses to Gadding About

  1. Paul says:

    Try fitting “eazy-wheels” and towing it like a wheeled suitcase with the handlebars unfolded. I find that makes it a little easier, now that even the every-bit-of-titanium-available “lightweight” version I bought 6 years ago is becoming too much for my advanced age

  2. disgruntled says:

    Hmm, looks like they make it more stable too. Interesting…

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