How Does your Garden Grow?

veg plot

The plot in June

Astoundingly (and I will undoubtedly live to regret this), despite mega busyness these last few months, I seem to be vaguely on schedule with the vegetable growing this year. This is partly down to a late spring, and partly down to the recent glorious weather which has meant that, despite the fact that I’m really too busy to be gardening, I’ve just had to grant myself at least an hour a day on the days when I’m not gadding about too much.

Things are all a bit weedy (and by ‘a bit’ I mean ‘really quite a lot’, obviously) but the potatoes are looking good, onions are in, my leeks are – for once – bigger than my spring onions which is only partly down to the fact that the pheasant has nipped all the spring onions’ heads off, the peas and broadbeans are flourishing although I’ll definitely regret saying that because I haven’t staked my broadbeans yet and it will only take a mild breeze to knock them over, the french beans, parsnips, kale, perpetual spinach, purple sprouting broccoli and garlic are all in, and the only thing so far that’s looking a bit miserable are the mangetouts which the slugs have discovered you can definitely mange tout of them, and have. I’ve even managed to get some sweetcorn germinating directly in the ground, it’s been so warm. If this is our summer, and I suspect it is, then everything’s going to bolt like mad in July but for now I’m just going to enjoy it, while touching wood and crossing my fingers and sending up a prayer to the weather gods not to ruin absolutely everything…

Broad beans

You know this was intended to show my magnificent broad beans but it turned out to be also of my magnificent weeds…

broad bean flower

Just concentrate on the magnificence of those beans, eh?


5 Responses to How Does your Garden Grow?

  1. John Gibson says:

    Thats very good, I’ve given up on this year for out door stuff, although I may put something in the greenhouse, but not too much, it’s only a small one.

  2. disgruntled says:

    I’m ever optimistic that this will be the year when we get an actual summer…

  3. emma c says:

    Argh, such magnificent beans! you obviously had them in really early. My climbing beans have taken 3 whole weeks to emerge, only to be munched, naturally… I too had noticed that the late spring cancelled out my lateness in planting. Brill! I only just planted the purple sprouting seeds yesterday, and I fear that may not be forgiven..

  4. disgruntled says:

    I started them off on the windowsill – practically nothing germinates in the soil here (unless it’s warm and dry like now).

    I’m still working on the theory that nothing can kill purple-sprouting as my best efforts have shown…

  5. […] you’ve boasted within earshot of the weather gods of the magnificence of your broad beans while noting their vulnerability to the faintest of breezes due to your having neglected to stake […]

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