Tadpole Watch

Though the weather today wasn’t quite as gloriously warm as it’s been these past few days – some modest clout retrieval has taken place after some possibly ambitious clout casting went on at the weekend (although not to this extent) – it still hasn’t rained for ages; I’ve even had to water some of the garden.* Not only is the ford still dry, but it’s not looking good for the remaining tadpoles:

dried up ditch

One last pocket of ditch water remains, now closely resembling tadpole soup, although it’s hard to see as the tadpoles left are the ones that are bright enough to dive for cover when something comes looming over them and my phone camera doesn’t really do zooming. Or indeed, focusing, really.

last remaining tadpoles?

The other half had reported that the pond behind the house where I had put the rescued frogspawn was full of tadpoles so I wandered up to have a look. I didn’t see any actual tadpoles (although there was a lot of movement under the water) but I did see three newts lurking in the shallows. Perhaps not all my wildlife rescue attempts are entirely in vain

* I am not, repeat NOT, complaining about this, if any Weather Gods are listening. The exercise does me good and the outdoor tap has developed a leak so it’s good to have somewhere for the resulting watering cans-full to go


6 Responses to Tadpole Watch

  1. Jenny Mayhew says:

    I’m at least as soppy as the next woman about animals, but you’ve got to let go of these tadpoles, or they’re going to break your heart.

  2. disgruntled says:

    You think? I doubt anyone would have given you odds on those ditches drying up around here!

  3. babymother says:

    You know that the weather gods only hear what they want to hear. I’m pretty sure they don’t bother reading footnotes, either…

  4. 2whls3spds says:

    We just went through this exercise down on our farm… my softhearted bride insisted that we had to save the tadpoles. So I pressed a battery powered wet and dry vac into service and hoovered them up and transferred them to the small pond at the end of the lane, most appear to have survived the move. Now it is going to rain again seeing how the puddle has finally dissapeared.


  5. disgruntled says:

    we have done similar things to ants though with less benign intent. Glad to hear they made it

  6. […] inches** this evening (too dark for photos), the highest we’ve seen it since we embarked on tadpole watch in the […]

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