I’m not Here…

… I’m only in the Guardian again aren’t I?

Oh all right, it’s not the real Guardian, just the Scotland blog, but still…

2 Responses to I’m not Here…

  1. Bob says:

    I didn’t know you could get good “B.C. Bud” over there. Somebody must be smoking something!
    That’s the only possible explanation that comes to mind when I read that they want what? 10% of all trips to be on bike by 2020!? Ha!
    That’s truly funny stuff.
    Silly pot smoking politicians. Or perhaps some sort of hallucinogens? Or maybe they’re just dreaming?
    It makes me think of the nitwits over here who complain about gridlock. We live in a car culture! Unless there’s the political will to do something about it, there’s going to be gridlock. Suck it up.
    By the way, I wouldn’t ride a bike in the UK if you paid me. Just too scary.
    I admire your courage. Keep fighting the fight.

  2. disgruntled says:

    come to think of it, the Transport minister did just come back from a visit to Amsterdam … maybe it wasn’t their cycling infrastructure he was looking at

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