Compare and…

… contrast with yesterday’s adventure: I was cycling home from the papershop today when I encountered a tractor with the normal lethal looking assortment of dangling ironmongery off the back. I was going uphill, it was coming down and the driver very kindly found a wider part of the road and pulled over and waited to let me past.

Now technically, this puts as much pressure on me as yesterday’s car crawling along behind me, but I still prefer it – even though it did mean I had to pedal a bit harder up the hill than I would normally like. I suppose it’s because any driver doing that has clearly seen you (always a bonus on the bike), thought ahead, realised there’s not much room, been considerate enough to recognise the pain involved in being forced to stop on a hill is a lot worse for a cyclist going up than a tractor going down, and done something intelligent about it. (And also the hill was a lot shorter, which helps). Rightly or wrongly, I always assume that the drivers who do that are cyclists themselves.

Given that this week I also encountered a 4×4 driver who showed considerable faith on my ability to negotiate a crumbling tarmac edge and maintain a perfectly straight line while going downhill with his wing mirror microns from my ear, I think on the whole this week has come out even.

And how was your week, on the bike or off?


3 Responses to Compare and…

  1. commuterjohn says:

    Well, the weather has been quite decent so cycling is always a pleasure.
    A few more pounds lost in weight and the bike becomes ever more pleasurable.
    Just a shame that on some sunny mornings it is just a commute to work when you really do just want to carry on and enjoy the ride. .

  2. Andy in Germany says:

    The main road in the next town on my commute was closed this week, which in theory makes it easier for me to ride down it, but in practice it just means the side roads are full of speeding cars with drivers glied to their navigation screens and not looking at the road ahead.
    I must admit to several bouts of Schadenfreude watching some of them getting stuck in dead end roads though…

  3. disgruntled says:

    @john – too true! But at least you didn’t do it stuck in a tin box
    @Andy – ah, shame, poor dears…

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