I suppose it had to happen eventually. There’s been a bit of a lifestyle change at the Townmouse household recently, with the other half – despite his best efforts – becoming gainfully employed in a proper job, the kind you have to go to five days a week, eight hours a day, which seems a bit harsh, frankly, after having spent the last few years pottering. This means that I’ve gone from being someone who voluntarily gets on her bike in order to pick up a paper or go into town, to being someone who has to get on her bike if she wants a paper or to get into town because she doesn’t have access to any other means of transport. Whatever the weather. Now, most of the time I do that anyway, but I have to admit that if it’s a busy day and it’s sheeting down and the other half offers to drive down then generally I take him up on that offer.

Up until today, I’ve been reasonably lucky. A miraculously dry June has meant that in the last month I’ve not suffered more than a bit of drizzle. This morning, that luck ran out. It was a drizzly start and I considered postponing to see if it would improve but the weather forecast was fairly insistent that the rain would only get heavier, and the cat barometer concurred with the cat reading ‘curled up asleep all day on the sofa, wake me if it floods’. So I thought I’d nip out while it was still drizzling only for the ‘rain getting heavier’ part to start happening before I was half a mile down the road. I’d go on and describe it in more detail but I find I’ve said all I want to say about cycling in the rain already so you can just go and read it there.

They say it’s going to warm up soon – I certainly hope so. We’ve got the woodburner going this evening, my red onions have bolted, and I was stymied by a recipe this afternoon that suggested I place the dough ‘in a warm corner of the kitchen’ to prove. I ended up sticking it on top of the computer as that would appear to be the only source of warmth there was in the house…

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