Hot Hot Hot

Hooray, summer has decided to stick around – even here, where we usually get our very own section of the weather forecast explaining why we’ll be suffering under a cloud of drizzle as the rest of the country basks in the sunshine. On Sunday it was warm enough that the bench was abandoned in favour of a picnic blanket in the dappled shade* and this morning, it was already hot as I set out for the paper at half eight and when I stopped for a chat with someone from the village on the way back her dogs spent the whole time trying to lie in each others’ shadows – it’s no weather to be a Labradoodle.

So in short, it’s hot, really hot. Everywhere. Except in the house, where despite having the door and all the windows open to let the heat in, it still manages to be bloody freezing.

* and by “dappled shade”, I mean that my half of the picnic blanket was in the sun, and the other half’s half was in the shade.

2 Responses to Hot Hot Hot

  1. Flighty says:

    Hot here so I’ve been plotting early. Thankfully there has been a breeze which helps. xx

  2. disgruntled says:

    I’m pretty sure the tar was melting on the road yesterday …

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