Weakest Link

Two years’ of Landrover ownership, if it taught us anything,* taught us to never ignore a new noise. Sometimes, of course, it was hard to pick out the new noise above all the other noises, but whenever a novel whine, rattle or squeak made its presence felt we knew it was time to take action or spend a long time on the side of a road in some desolate corner of Southern Africa hoping some good Samaritan with a copious supply of Landrover spares would come along, which happens more often than you might think.

Sadly, it’s not a lesson I’ve transferred to the bike. Despite commenting to a friend that it had become a ‘symphony of rattles’ recently, I just assumed that the rattles in question were the normal ones of my broken bottle cage, the not madly sturdy front light bracket and the slightly shonky rear mudguard without noticing a new note had been added until the rattle turned to a clonk this afternoon. My bottle dynamo had detached itself from the front fork and almost swung into my spokes. Ah. Yes. That is the problem with attaching one’s solidly-engineered German-technology bottle dynamo by means of a cheap bracket made out of (apparently) cheese that cost something like one Euro – it’s amazing, really that it lasted as long as it did having gone over as many potholes as it has.

Now normally if I were going to lose my dynamo then July would be the time to do it as it’s still light well into the evening and I wouldn’t normally be riding anywhere that requires a light until October (although knowing me that would still mean I’d be rushing to get it fixed in the last days of September). But it just so happens that on Monday I’ll be leading our long planned full moon ride, and full moon or no, it would be good to have something to see by on my way home from the pub afterwards.

Time to find a bracket that’s made out of something slightly stronger than cheese. Or just out of sturdier cheese…

* other than ‘don’t buy a Landrover’ of course


6 Responses to Weakest Link

  1. John says:

    There is a really nice machined aluminium one on the market which is trouble free, a Google search should find the retailer.

  2. John Gibson says:

    I have just come to work, and I had no trouble on the way in. When I got off the bike and pushed it to where I leave it, (no riding in the college) I started to hear a rubbing sound coming from somewhere, so I must try and sort it out before I go home.

  3. Lolablogger says:

    With cheese, the sturdier types tend to be more crumbly (I’m thinking Cheshire, Wensleydale, mature Cheddar). Processed cheese is clearly useless – perhaps a strong Gouda might do the trick?

  4. disgruntled says:

    Fortunately the supplier is sending me a new one … watch this space

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