Link Restored

Well. How’s this for customer service?

I had emailed Dutch Bike Bits about my dynamo bracket – explicitly not complaining because the part had been pretty cheap, but to see if they had any more solid brackets available. I very quickly got an apologetic email back that the part had failed, and after sending photos, this arrived in the post:

replacement dynamo bracket

One replacement bracket, plus a rear bracket as well in case that proved a better option. It seems even cheap parts get the Rolls Royce treatment at Dutch Bike Bits (and I feel having impugned the quality of Mr Hembrow’s dynamo brackets I should say that on closer inspection, it was made of proper steel, not cheese, and it’s a bit of a mystery why it should have cracked).

I support Dutch Bike Bits not just because of the fact that they sell practical bike accessories that are hard to find in the UK, but because it’s a way of giving the Hembrows something back after the years they have spent trying to lift the scales from the eyes of the British cycling establishment about Dutch infrastructure. But their awesome customer service doesn’t hurt either…

So now I have a replacement bracket and a replacement for the replacement and all in plenty of time to get my dynamo back on long before I actually need it when the clocks go back. And I definitely definitely WON’T end up hurriedly trying to get the damn thing fitted at the last moment some time towards the end of October…


8 Responses to Link Restored

  1. Bob says:

    No surprise. David seems to be an upstanding sort of chap. Mind you, the customer isn’t ALWAYS right, but sometimes being a little magnanimous goes a long way in the customer service end of things. It’s indeed rare.

  2. Charles says:

    Well you could always fit in when the rain returns….The ASBO buzzard needs cunning. Why not get a large canvas sun hat and paint a very large eagle face on it. Put a few feathers in the brim, possibly some wings, a la Asterix the Gaul, and you have the perfect environmental deterrent. What could go wrong?

  3. disgruntled says:

    well mainly the hat could blow off…

  4. Charles says:

    Pure defeatism. A large ribbon under the chin would work fine. Youth today has no vim, look at the wider possibilities, you could export the hats after field trials. A fortune awaits.

  5. disgruntled says:

    I think the preferred technology is hat pins.

  6. Brian Booker says:

    Great blog/love the ‘Dutch bike bits’ link 🙂

  7. […] readers of this blog will have guessed that, as soon as David Hembrow had sent me a replacement bracket for my dynamo, I would promptly put it all on the kitchen table next to some spanners to remind me […]

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