The time of year has finally arrived when the average home-grower switches from ‘will we ever actually get anything to eat?’ to ‘oh my god, how are we ever going to eat all this stuff?’. I half jokingly suggested that all those posts on twitter about the tweeter’s latest delicious home-cooked home-grown meals should have a warning hashtag (#smugveg) so people can filter them out but I’m a serial offender myself. There’s just something so … smug making … about sitting down to a meal where almost everything has just been picked in the garden, grown by your own fair, if slightly grubby-fingernailed, hand. From the first fresh salad leaves to the latest glut of broad beans, it makes all the digging, manure carting, weeding, watering and slug trapping worth while.

wild raspberries

Even better, of course, is when the food just arrives for free. We’ve always had a few wild raspberries growing along our road; they’re much smaller than cultivated raspberries, but they have a flavour all of their own – intense and aromatic, as if they’ve been flavoured with vanilla. There’s never been enough to bother going out and picking, just something to add a little sweetness to a summer evening walk. But this year they’ve gone a bit beserk and last night we took some tubs and managed to pick enough for dessert. A bowlful of pure delight. Smug doesn’t even begin to describe it…

4 Responses to Plenty

  1. Jane says:

    Scottish wild raspberries. **JEALOUS**

  2. Charles says:

    The last wild raspberries I had in Scotland were in a public car park in Killin at the head of Loch Tay. Very good indeed.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Jane – nothing to stop you coming up here you know…
    @Charles – mmm. Must check those ones out next time we’re in Killin

  4. Flighty says:

    Lucky you with the wild raspberries which are really delicious! xx

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