Trolliday Jobs

Here’s what I managed to get up to in the garden on Sunday when I was busy avoiding twitter:

netted kale

This represents *either* me having just netted the kale in time to prevent it from being munched wholesale by cabbage white caterpillars … or me having erected a nice protective net to prevent the cabbage white caterpillars from being picked off by the birds. Only time will tell. It also represents, now I come to look at it, an awful lot of kale. I thought that last year, of course, and the pheasant ended up eating most of it, but I think this year we and the caterpillars will have enough to share.

lone celeriac

Unlike my celeriac. Although I should point out that this is an infinite percent increase on last year’s celeriac crop of zero.


5 Responses to Trolliday Jobs

  1. babymother says:

    Yeah but what is celeriac and does anyone really need it?

  2. disgruntled says:

    If I manage to nurture it to maturity, I’ll let you know…

  3. John Gibson says:

    Very impressive, it looks very nice there.

  4. Charles says:

    Celeriac/sour cream or greek yoghurt/mint and a bit of dressing. Great with cold meat, cold smoked trout or salmon. It has a french name that I cannot spell something like ramontillade. Anyway homegrown smaugness adds a flavour that covers up for deficient recipes….

    • babymother says:

      Perhaps Disgruntled can serve up one of those recipes when I come to stay. Surely an event worthy of killing the fattened celeriac? Or even the scrawny one??

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