You can Keep your Lab Burger

Cycling along the other day I thought I felt something fly into my mouth – not all that unusual occurrence in the summer around here, especially when going uphill, and the price we pay for all our abundant invertebrate life which is necessary for abundant swallow life, among other things. The normal procedure is much hacking and coughing to uningest the insect, hopefully while staying upright on the bike. But this time, for some reason, I was unsure whether I’d ingested anything or not and I ended up sort of crunching the bug up, whatever it was, between my teeth. I can report that it was not unpleasant tasting, in a disconcerting sort of way – a bit like inadvertently chomping on a whole cardamom pod in your takeaway: intense and aromatic, somewhere on the aniseed flavour spectrum.

I don’t know if any adventurous entomologists can identify a bug from its flavour, but perhaps these ‘we should all eat insects’ people are onto something. I might have to end my firm policy of only eating vertebrates among the Animalae*

*Only at taxonomy conferences do you get asked which phyla you do and don’t eat.


3 Responses to You can Keep your Lab Burger

  1. Jenny Mayhew says:

    Oh yuk. I hate it when that happens. Trying to cough them up is always fruitless. And they leave a horrid (possibly imagined) imprint on your throat.

  2. John Gibson says:

    Very tasty. I have just saw the cheekiest thing, a lady on a bike and her husband riding on the pavement, and ringing the bell at a pedestrian to move over.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Jenny – as long as it’s not a bee or a wasp …
    @John – now that is cheeky

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