I Would Love To…

… tell you something interesting about my ride down to the papershop today, but the truth is, I was thinking about various things and the next thing I knew I was practically there (in fact it was a warning shot from ASBO buzzard that recalled me to my senses). Apart from that and a close and fast (well fastish) by a tractor (and well might you look nervously in your mirrors to see if I was still upright, young man, as you had left me a bare 10cm of tarmac to cycle on. What’s the point of driving a big tractor if you can’t get up on the verge to pass a bike. Cuh) I might as well have teleported from the house. So much for living in the moment. And lucky I don’t drive a car. Or, indeed, a tractor.


4 Responses to I Would Love To…

  1. John Gibson says:

    The farmer around our way is very good moving onto the verge, mind you I know him well. Cycle news from Oxford is good, they are going to spend £1000,000 making the roundabout on the plain more biker frendly, and guess what, there was an Item on the local news today about a family of turtle doves on the Otmoor reserve.

  2. Charles says:

    Get the ASBO buzzard hat before its too late! When I was a lad tractors were much smaller, I met one outside Bath this weekend which was as big as a house. I used to be in the mining business and I know that big heavy machinery, young drivers and humans on foot, or on bikes, do not mix….

  3. disgruntled says:

    @John – yeah most of the regulars give me plenty of space but it’s harvest time so there’s some casual drivers I think at the moment.
    @Charles – yes there’s some scary machines out there, especially with all the pointy things on the back. Don’t think an anti-buzzard hat will save me from those…

  4. […] sometimes I don’t entirely daydream away my bike rides. Like yesterday, when I started up a small group of birds feeding along the road verge. They kept […]

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